A real role model

Amazon.com   Just recovering from surgery, I watched the tape to see if it would work toward my recovery. Valerie Rogers is a beautiful example of a body that can be not only maintained but made better from head to toe. Breathing, exercising and relaxing are all in balance. The music is gorgeous and her voice soft and soothing - but it doesn't hide her soft enthusiasm. Who could believe that fluid, lithe form can be achieved if one is over 50?? It was a really novel idea to have a Gretchen `everywoman' demonstrate a less strenuous way to do the exercises, but I found it hard to take my eyes off of Rogers. Obviously, she practices what she preaches. Only a couple of comments: I did find the studio rather bland and kept noticing the electrical outlet on the wall. For example, it would have been so cool to see a softly rolling ocean with some peaceful landscape features instead. The intro screen appears to show that the tape is divided into sections, but there is no way to tell when/where each chapter starts if one wants to resume another time. It might be helpful if Rogers named more of the classic movements as they were being done. That might be reassuring to people who have a bit of yoga experience, let them feel more advanced or knowledgeable, and encourage them to participate all of the way through. Overall, I was impressed by the chair yoga approach and will use this tape as soon as my recovery permits.  

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