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The Senior Voice  

What is the difference between regular yoga and Chogaflow?

  With Chogaflow we receive the same benefits as a traditional yoga practice without ever having our knees touch the floor. We have the option of using a chair when necessary for stability and balance, helping to eliminate any strain on the knee joint. With emphasis on correct alignment we build strength, increase vitality, and improve flexibility, circulation and balance.  

How can practicing Chogaflow help me get healthier?

  Linking breath with movement we begin to release blocked areas and stagnant energy. We start to notice more freedom and move with less restriction. With proper, complete breathing we nourish our body & mind. When we breathe better we feel better. We begin to feel more alive. Our physical body becomes stronger, our nervous system is nourished and we remain calmer in stressful situations. We increase oxygen supply to our cells, improve blood circulation, help eliminate toxins, enhance our immune system, and improve sleep patterns.  

I sometimes have a sore lower back. Can Chogaflow help with this?

  Practicing the poses, we access and strengthen the core muscles which help to protect and support the low back. We stretch and strengthen the laterals and abdominals. We learn how to stabilize the lower body, hips and core to protect and strengthen our low back. We learn how to stand and move with correct alignment. Our balance and posture improve.  

Will Chogaflow help my joint stiffness?

  As we move and breathe, our circulation and lymph flow improve. As toxins are cleared we begin to open new pathways for nourishment to flow, our joints become more flexible and range of motion improves. As we become more flexible in our hips and shoulders, the larger joints, it helps to relieve pain and stiffness in the smaller joints. We build muscle strength which helps to support the ligaments and tendons surrounding our joints. The poses also help build bone strength.  

Will Chogaflow help with my scoliosis?

  All of us are muscularly asymmetrical. Through stretching and strengthening the muscles that support our spine and body we learn how to actively engage muscles to help realign ourselves and allow for more nourishment. We improve habitual misalignments and patterns of movement, and begin to develop more symmetry. Strengthening the muscle groups that support the spine may help alleviate symptoms of lordosis, scoliosis, and osteoporosis. Shoulder and neck tension are relieved, our posture improves. Chogaflow focuses on lengthening the spine, nourishing the discs, spinal column, and central nervous system.   For Dallas area class schedule: For more information contact:

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