Chogaflow: A Unique Chair Yoga Practice – Video Librarian

Video Librarian   (2011) 55 min. DVD: $19.95. Valerie Rogers (avail. Chair + Yoga = Choga! Registered Yoga Alliance teacher Valerie Rogers has created a yoga practice that combines seated and standing postures without the need for kneeling. In a simple studio setting, Rogers and a student lead viewers through a 50-minute routine that emphasizes strength and flexibility, as well as the integration of body and breath. A nonslip yoga mat and supportive chair are the only required materials, and those new to the discipline will appreciate that some of the moves feature gentler variations, like a smaller stretch or using the chair for balance. The routine begins with a very slow, gentle warm-up before flowing into deep stretching of the upper and lower body, followed by a series of cool-down stretches and centered breathing. Orientation tips (“second toes pointing straight ahead”) and reminders about breathing keep the focus tight, and while this may be less strenuous than many other forms of yoga, it still offers a full workout for body and mind. Rogers’ friendly style and meticulous instruction make this a fun and engaging regimen, even for yogaphobes. Highly recommended. (H. Seggel)

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