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Jan. 2012. 55min. Valerie Rogers, DVD, $19.95. REVIEW.  First published April 25, 2012 (Booklist Online).
  Valerie Rogers combines yoga and chair exercises in this introduction to “chogaflow,” a chair-based yoga practice aimed at exercise newbies and those seeking a gentle alternative. The poses are done either seated on or standing next to a chair, which is placed on a mat to ensure stability. Aided by soothing background music, Rogers and a student, who demonstrates slightly modified, easier versions, work through the gently flowing movements. In peaceful, calming voice-over, Rogers explains proper form and directs the session, which takes place on a minimally decorated set (wood floors and white walls). Rogers modifies such standard yoga poses as downward dog and plank for the chair. The camera captures the easy-to-follow movements and directives. This accessible and effective workout makes a good complement to Gentle Chair Yoga: Seated Series, from AV Cafe. — Candace Smith

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