Fitness for the Rest of Us: Valerie Rogers’ ChogaFlow Review

Valerie Rogers’ ChogaFlow Review


Today's Review: Valerie Rogers’ ChogaFlow

Valerie Rogers, 2012 ChogaFlow a fifty-five minute unique yoga fusion workout that incorporates a chair into the yoga routine. The workout is done both seated and standing and integrates breath with the movement. This workout is ideal for all fitness levels. And because it incorporates the use of a chair, it is great for those with physical limitations that prevent them from getting up and down from the floor easily. It is also perfect for those new to exercise, returning to working out after an injury or those looking for a less strenuous workout. A sturdy chair and a yoga mat are required for the workout. In the workout, Valerie guides the exerciser through a fun and easy to follow routine. She offers clear instruction, form pointers and encouraging words. This is a great routine for young folks & older folks alike- she really offers something for everyone. I received this dvd to review. For More Information: Visit the CHOGAFLOW website Like CHOGAFLOW on Facebook Follow CHOGAFLOW on Twitter POSTED BY LINDSEY LU AT 5:39 AM 

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