Be grateful for all that has led you to now. For all actions, events, and decisions of past and present. For all the people that helped guide you along the journey of life. Be grateful for your every breath. For your health. For your home. For your beautiful life. Be grateful for who you are. You get to live today. You get to live with joy in your heart.   Just for today practice replacing your 'I have to' with 'I get to'. I get to go to work. I get to run errands. I get to make dinner. There are so many beautiful beings in this world who are far less fortunate, that aren't able to experience these luxuries, these things that we may see as a chore, or take for granted. Wake up with a smile and be grateful for all that you are. For all the radiance you bring into the world. Today you get to be you, unique beautiful you. Let yourself shine!

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