Perfect for yoga beginner, recovering from injury or taking it easy   I am an avid yogi, but there are times in every yogi's life when they need to take it easy. This DVD is the perfect way to do that. On those days when I am feeling a bit tired, or am a bit under the weather, or need something different, I turn to Chogaflow. I can make the practice as challenging as I want, so even if I start out thinking I will just do a gentle, quiet practice, I sometimes find that when I get into it, I feel better and want to do more. And so I do, going into the more challenging versions of the poses. I have shared this DVD with friends who are new to yoga, (and new to exercise!), and they have loved it. They have told me it takes away the intimidation of the "unknown" and allows them to experience yoga without feeling they have to "do everything." It is such a peaceful, encouraging practice. Try it for yourself - you'll see.  

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