At 62 years of age, with flat feet, bad knees and stiff joints, and far too many migraines, I needed HELP! Thank goodness for Valerie Rogers Chogaflow™! Since practicing Chogaflow™, usually twice per week, I find I am walking in a more correct, aligned way that means a lot less leg pain. The practice of raising my toes to get the arches in my feet raised and thigh muscles "hugging" my bones has helped enormously with strengthening my knees. Every day I try to remember to draw my chin back slightly, so I am working and playing with less stress on my neck and my headaches have lessened by 50 percent! Every time I go back to the class or the DVD all these things are reinforced and every day in every way I am feeling better and better. Judith
Chogaflow has increased my strength and flexibility, and improved my balance. Through breathing exercises I have learned how to calm my mind and handle life’s daily stresses so much better. A very rejuvenating practice! Gretchen, age 65
This DVD- WOW, where to start. I was recently diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis and I was looking for a gentle way to move and ease my joint pain. Chogaflow does this and MORE! This is SO SO SO much more than a chair yoga practice. Chogaflow really does create a "flow" between the body, mind and spirit. Valerie's graceful movements, her soft gentle soothing voice guiding you, Gretchen is Valerie's assistant, who shows you how to modify and does a splendid job. This and the dialog are all one of a kind and priceless!!!! Wonder-full! I will share with all my friends. It's a treasure! Sandy
Chogaflow is the perfect workout for me. Valerie’s eclectic teaching style makes this practice so much fun! It is a great workout and I can adapt the poses to my individual needs by either following Valerie or her assistant, who demonstrates the modified poses. I am more flexible and I especially notice my improved strength. My posture is significantly better. Pamela, age 60
Chogaflow offers me a way to get back into yoga after a five-year hiatus. The chair serves as a prop, giving me the support I need in the postures. This allows me the ability to concentrate on my alignment. Chogaflow is a wonderful way to prevent injury while developing strength, balance, and flexibility, which is so helpful in staying fit and healthy. Te, age 72
I love the way my body feels after completing Valerie's Chogaflow. The chair exercises help to open the tight areas in my hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders while at the same time encourage the use of correct posture, breathing, and relaxation techniques. Chogaflow practice has increased my strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Randee, age 55
Wow! This video is very smart and well thought out. The workout moves are well cued and choreographed for beginners but you can easily transition your body to the intermediate level. I felt the difference in one session. I definitely felt more flexible throughout the day and felt a good soreness the next day. Very refreshing. I've done yoga in the past but took a hiatus due to surgery and health issues. I thought that I wouldn't benefit as much by doing this with a chair, but I was absolutely proven wrong! My body felt happier than it had been in a long time! Thank you so much Valerie. I look forward to your next quality video  Rose
As a 73 year old with Parkinson's disease patient, I cannot tell you how helpful Chogaflow has been to me. It keeps my joints and muscles limber and relaxed. Also assists in maintaining good balance. I look forward to each and every practice. Ann
I am an avid golfer and play pick-up basketball on a weekly basis. Since taking Valerie’s classes, my increased flexibility has helped my golf game tremendously and my knees no longer ache after basketball. I truly believe this is a result of practicing Chogaflow. Thank you Valerie! Mike, age 50
I am 64 years old and overweight. I had given up hope of ever being strong enough to enjoy life again. I had become so sedentary that I could barely get out of my recliner. I started doing Chogaflow on DVD at home 2-3 times per week. I could tell a difference in my strength in only a couple of weeks. Now I am able to work for hours at a time in my yard. I am positively amazed at the strength in my legs, which was almost nonexistent just a few months ago. My balance is so improved that I don’t worry about falling anymore. I literally have gained my life back. I feel that I am walking on solid ground once again. I almost feel like I am in my 30's again. No kidding! Chogaflow looks deceptively easy, but I work up a sweat every time. After I practice Chogaflow I feel positively peaceful and clear-headed, yet highly energized. Thank you more than I can say for your dedication to developing this practice and for sharing it with the rest of us. My body feels so much better--lighter, moving more easily, much less tightness, more strength and balance. Thank you for this gift! Lynn
Even if you dislike exercise, Valerie Rogers is reason enough to practice Chogaflow. Her warmth, compassion, and sense of humor are infectious and will make you believe you can do anything. Since practicing Chogaflow my strength, flexibility, and posture have improved. I now walk taller, sit taller, and breathe better. Pat, 72
I took Valerie’s Postural Alignment Workshop anticipating that I would learn ways to properly stand and sit. Valerie's class did so much more, not surprisingly! She explained and showed pictures of how our daily life and habits can physically wear us down. (I could identify with several of the pictures in her examples.) Valerie demonstrated for us how to perfect our posture with some very simple adjustments. She also taught some easy exercises for strengthening and even better ways to walk. It was an excellent afternoon and lots of fun. I am looking forward to her next workshop! Linda