Tree Pose

    Tree Pose is one of my favorite yoga poses because it brings a sense of strength from deep within, yet at the same time allows me to be totally free. It is a playful, happy pose that always makes me smile.   Spring is the perfect time of year to awaken out of hibernation and delve into new beginnings, take a chance, and allow your self to grow and blossom.  View the world through the eyes of a child with enthusiasm and excitement, and let yourself be drawn by what you really love. Open your eyes to all possibilities. Trust your intuition. What are you passionate about? Listen to your inner voice. Each moment is a new opportunity for you to become who you are meant to be. Practicing Tree Pose will help give you the confidence you need to let your creativity flourish.   We all have magnificence and beauty within us, but sometimes we don’t want to see the splendor within. We are afraid; afraid of discovering and declaring our magnificence, we prefer to stay curled up in our comfort zone, but is that truly living? We may begin our yoga journey feeling small, like a tiny seedling buried in the monotony of our daily life, but as our yoga practice evolves and we learn to let go of fear and anxiety, we find the courage and confidence to rise out of our comfort zone. We see the beauty in living and begin to view obstacles as opportunity.   As we learn to stabilize our Tree Pose and focus on the breath we become more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. We grow confidence, which allows us to explore our hidden passions and expand our horizons. The pose becomes an expression of our strength and beauty. We start to embrace the bliss within and let it radiate out. This radiance then reaches out through the branches of life and begins to touch others. We organically blossom.   Tree Pose brings us home to our core center where we discover the strength to expand and grow. Our roots are grounded and connected with the earth, yet our branches are free to dance toward the brilliant beyond with anticipation of all life has to offer us. The breath, our magnificent life force, quietly pulsates through delicate pathways and sustains us with vibrant vitality. We feel centered and harmonious. We are able to stand strong when faced with adversity, our emotions unwavering.  We connect with the peaceful rhythm between mind, body, and breath.  

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